My vision

I have been working with databases and related technologies from the very beginning of my career and I really love to deal with them. Level of intellectual and technological challenge of my consulting projects are important to me. Generally, the more intellectual challenge the assignment provides the more I like it. Of course, I understand that mundane tasks are inevitable, and I approach such tasks seriously and try my best to accomplish them efficiently and fast. I strongly believe that it is possible to learn useful things from mundane tasks too.

It is relatively rare to see a big organization that uses a single database product or products from a single vendor these days. To provide efficient service to such customers, a consultant should have a high level of expertise in most or, preferably, all products used in the project. I work with different database products and don't limit myself to just one database or vendor. Knowing the architecture and unique features of a number of database products helps me to provide better service to my customers.

When asked to propose a solution for a problem, I always try to see the big picture first. I think that communicating with customers and trying to understand higher-level requirements behind the technical assignment is a vital part of consultant job. Adopting of this approach provides me more opportunities to come with creative ideas for mutual benefit. Technically speaking, sometimes it's better to tune a question behind problematic SQL query than the SQL query itself.

I believe that building of good work relationship with my customers is a key for success of my business. While my and my customers' opinions on various professional topics may be sometimes quite different, I always defend my opinions in a respectful way and with proper argumentation. So far, I have succeeded to build good work relationship with all of my customers, both locally and internationally.

Customer service

At the end of each tuning session, I provide a summary of my activities to the customer in written or verbal form, usually in both of them. The summary includes the list of completed tasks with details, status of pending tasks, recommendations for improvement and suggestions for future sessions. The session summary is a vital and integral part of my service. Once the project is done, I am available to my customers on the phone and via email for further consultation, if necessary.

Tools that I usually use for my work

I usually don't use third-party tools when working with databases. I prefer standard command-line tools (isql for Sybase, sqlcmd for SQL Server, SQL*Plus for Oracle) because they are always there and I never can't rely on presence of any third-party tool at the customer's site. When I feel that I (and my customer) can really benefit from using of GUI tools, I use Oracle SQL Developer (freeware) and Sybase Central (supplied with Sybase products).

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