One of the most important things that I learned on the course of my career is that a true professional in my area can't never stop learning. While this statement may sound cruel, it is very much true. I learn something new about databases and/or related technologies almost every day.

But, it is very important to choose right sources for learning to do it effectively. It appears that each database vendor is unique in this aspect. There are not too many Sybase-related sources in general, so one should know to retrieve as much as possible from what is available. With Oracle the opposite is the problem – there are too many Oracle-related sources, while some of them are not very reliable or doesn't provide any additional value besides the official documentation.

Below you can see the list of sources that I use regularly.


Infocenter – Sybase documentation portal.
Importance of reading documentation is frequently underestimated by people – and it is very unfortunate.

Rob Verschoor's site.
This site and Rob's book helped me a lot to start working with Sybase ASE back in 2003. I learned a number of useful things from this site.

Jeff Tallman's whitepaper about performance and tuning for Sybase Replication Server.
It is a very useful document, I learned a lot from it . In addition to very valuable information about Replication Server architecture and performance, Jeff provides some very interesting approaches to design of distributed systems in general and to investigation of performance problems in distributed systems.

ISUG website and ISUG journal
ISUG Journal has published my article about ASE 15 in its June 2010 issue. Also, ISUG hosts a lively forum dedicated to SAP Sybase ASE and SAP Sybase Replication Server

Jeff Tallman's whitepaper about SAP Sybase ASE
Exatremely valuable source of information about Sybase ASE, even though doesn't cover ASE 15.7 with its architecture changes, such as threaded kernel

Mailing list of Sybase IQ user group

Glenn Paulley's blog
While not all of Glenn's topics of interest are relevant to me, it is still very useful reading.


Tom Kyte's website and his books (I own all of them) is the most valuable source that I meet so far. It helped me a lot to build myself as a professional. The web site and the books is devoted solely to Oracle, while other databases are usually mentioned just to emphasize how bad (or different) they are. Nevertheless, his approaches to database design and to solving problems in general help me a lot not only with Oracle but also with other databases.

Jonathan Lewis
I learned a lot from his book about Oracle optimizer. Jonathan's approaches to research of the database optimizer contributed a lot to my knowledge in this area. His blog is also very interesting.

Oracle Server documentation portal

Ixora website
Lots of useful information about Oracle internals. While slightly outdated, it is still a very useful source.